Bug Hall

At the age of nine, Bug Hall kickstarted his acting career. Hall's career began by acting in comedies like "The Little Rascals" (1994) with Travis Tedford and Bug Hall and "The Big Green" (1995) starring Steve Guttenberg. He also appeared in the TV movie "Tad" (Family Channel Studios, 1994-95). Hall also provided his talents as a voice actor for the Roger Bart animated adventure "Hercules" (1997). He kept working in film throughout the early 2000s, starring in "Skipped Parts" (2001) and "Arizona Summer" (2006) with Gemini Barnett. His work around this time also included a part on the TV movie "Get a Clue" (Disney, 2001). He also worked in television around this time, including a part on "Criminal Minds" (CBS, 2005-). In his more recent career, he tackled roles in the Rosanna Arquette comedy sequel "American Pie Presents The Book of Love" (2009) and the Samantha Mathis drama sequel "Atlas Shrugged: Part II -- The Strike" (2012). He held additional roles in television including a part on "Major Crimes" (TNT, 2012-). Hall also contributed music to the Ansel Elgort smash hit action picture "Baby Driver" (2017). Most recently, Hall acted in "The Shadow People" (2017).