Candace Cameron Bure

The little sister of 1980s teen heartthrob Kirk Cameron, child star Candace Cameron booked small movie roles in "Some Kind of Wonderful" (1987) and "Punchline" (1988) before becoming famous playing eldest daughter D.J. Tanner on the long-running sitcom "Full House" (ABC, 1987-1995). Although the family-friendly staple's earnest wholesomeness proved polarizing, the series and its stars - especially twin toddlers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - became beloved parts of TV history, living forever in syndication all around the world. After the series ended, the actress married hockey player Valeri Bure and took his last name. After a self-imposed work hiatus while she started a family, the publicly devout Christian eased back into the public eye after her husband's retirement with a role on "Make It or Break It" (ABC Family, 2009-12) and by publishing a faith-based, inspirational memoir in 2011. Although she chose family and religion over scaling the heights of stardom, Candace Cameron Bure transitioned from a likable child star into a mature and grounded adult role model. Alongside a short-lived stint as one of the co-hosts of morning talk staple "The View" (ABC 1997- ), she returned to the role that made her famous as the star of the reboot "Fuller House" (Netflix 2016- ), to the delight of generations of fans.