Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Born in Tokyo, Japan, actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa was raised in various cities in the United States due to his father's position in the United States Army. Ultimately Tagawa's family settled in the southern part of California, and he began acting while a student at Duarte High School. Following graduation, Tagawa enrolled at the University of Southern California. After graduation, Tagawa elected to pursue acting, and had his first breakthrough role playing Eunuch Chang in "The Last Emperor" (1987). He followed this role up two years later playing an undercover narcotics officer in the James Bond movie "License to Kill" (1989). Following this movie he was cast opposite martial arts legend Brandon Lee and Dolph Lundgren in the action movie "Showdown in Little Tokyo" (1991). Tagawa was interviewed in a 2006 documentary "The Slanted Screen," about portrayals of Asian and Asian-American men in mainstream entertainment. In addition to his work as an actor Tagawa had stunt experience and was a martial artist. Tagawa has also leant his voice to various projects, including 1997 video game "Soldier Boyz" and the 2003 video game "Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu." In 2015 Tagawa was cast as a lead character in the original Amazon series "Man in the High Castle" (Amazon 2015- ), based on the novel by Philip K. Dick.