Charles Cyphers

Charles Cyphers is a burly, brusque character actor whose enduring image as a hard-glaring, suspender-wearing law enforcer was first seen among the grainy textures of 1970s cinema and television. In addition to a recurring role on the geriatric sleuth series "Barnaby Jones" and a regular part as the title character's comically oversized stunt double on the action-based sitcom spoof "The Betty White Show," he rose to prominence by appearing in some of the earliest, most famous films of the celebrated horror maestro John Carpenter. His introduction to Carpenter was as the ill-fated prison guard Starker in the vicious breakthrough hit "Assault on Precinct 13" ('76). Two years later, he landed his signature role as the beleaguered Sheriff Leigh Brackett in the director's seminal slasher classic, "Halloween," paving the way for a reprise in the immediate sequel as well as further appearances in Carpenter's other early '80s creepers, the silently spooky "The Fog," and the futuristic action odyssey "Escape from New York." Over the course of the subsequent two decades, he immersed himself in prime-time television, carving out a niche as a consummate, mostly serious, but occasionally silly guest star. After his TV run essentially culminated with his series-long role as a grizzled shop teacher on the unruly classroom comedy "Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher," he made a return to low-budget movies, primarily of the horror and action genres. A veritable if humble cult figure, Cyphers isn't above providing a tongue-in-cheek moment or two in roles that pay winking tribute to his famous Sheriff Leigh Brackett persona.