Chris Browning

Tall and imposing, Nevada native Chris Browning initially intended to be a screenwriter but enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles without realizing it was a school for actors only. Taking to the craft, Browning received one of his first parts in a Dr. Pepper commercial before spending the 1990s working in television. While continuously battling substance abuse, Browning's roles included a regular part in the short-lived 1994 baseball sitcom "Hardball" and a seven-episode guest appearance on LL Cool J's first show "In The House." Browning's problems with addiction led to a period of homelessness before finding sobriety in Taos, New Mexico. Five years of inactivity ended when Browning responded to a call for extras for 2005's Western mini-series "Into The West." During his comeback, Browning moved away from televised comedy and into big-screen action. A small part as a deputy sheriff in 2007's "3:10 To Yuma" helped raise Browning's profile, as well as pairing him for the first time with popular actor Christian Bale. The two reteamed for 2009's fourth installment in the "Terminator" science-fiction series, "Terminator: Salvation." Browning has continued working steadily, playing small parts in major action films like "Cowboys & Aliens" while displaying his versatility in independent productions like 2008's "Felon," in which he played a neo-Nazi prisoner.