Chris Long

TV director and producer Chris Long has enjoyed a long and successful career working on everything from the supernatural drama "Charmed" to the tabloid sitcom "Dirt." He broke into the TV industry in the '90s as an associate producer on the award-winning cop drama "Reasonable Doubts," starring a pre-"Chicago Hope" Mark Harmon as an ostracized Chicago police officer, and served as executive producer on over 65 episodes of the campy primetime series "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." Long has also worked as an executive producer on the critically-acclaimed family drama "Gilmore Girls" and the time-traveling crime series "Timecop," and in 2008, he became a series producer on the highly-rated drama "The Mentalist," about a famous psychic (Simon Baker) who helps (and in some cases, causes trouble for) an elite California law enforcement agency. In addition to his work as a TV producer, Long is also a sought-after episodic director; he's helmed multiple episodes of "Charmed," centered on the misadventures of three sisters with powerful supernatural abilities, and filmed over a dozen installments each of "Gilmore Girls" and "The Mentalist."