Chris Weitz

One half of a successful filmmaking partnership with his brother Paul, as well as a solo talent, Chris Weitz was a writer, producer and director whose string of hit films included "American Pie" (1999), "About a Boy" (2002), and "The Golden Compass" (2007). "Pie," with its mix of raucous comedy and heartfelt charm, put the brothers on the comedy map, but the gentler, more mature "Boy" established them as versatile talents. Weitz struggled with "Compass," which marked his debut as a director without Paul, but found his footing again as a producer of his brother's work, among others, and as director of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" (2009), the hotly anticipated sequel to the tween sensation, "Twilight" (2007). Weitz's ability to bring a fresh outlook to a wide variety of genres made him one of Hollywood's most versatile and in-demand filmmakers.