Ciarán Hinds

A former journeyman actor who developed his craft on numerous theaters in and around his native North Ireland, Ciarán Hinds eventually became known for his appearances in period dramas on stage as well as onscreen. After making his film debut in "Excalibur" (1981), Hinds continued an impressive string of stage and film roles, all the while seeming content in not becoming a big star. More interested in doing quality work worthy of his talents, Hinds was catapulted to the front ranks of costume epics with his portrayal of the titular character in Shakespeare's "Richard III" (1993), which he performed as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. From there, Hinds landed numerous supporting roles in prominent film and television projects, though he again continued to revel in anonymity. But when he delivered memorable performances as Julius Caesar on the critically acclaimed epic drama, "Rome" (HBO, 2005-07) and as a cold and calculating Mossad assassin in "Munich" (2005), Hinds had finally become a known commodity whether he liked it or not.