Corey Stoll

A hardworking and talented character actor who immersed himself into each character he played, Corey Stoll gained critical recognition for portraying one of the most iconic literary figures of all time in a film written and directed by Woody Allen. While lesser actors might have been intimidated by playing Ernest Hemingway in an Allen film, Stoll brought the author back to life in "Midnight in Paris" (2011) with a nuanced, scene-stealing performance. Growing up with a background in experimental theater and performance art, Stoll eventually made his way to Hollywood and quickly landed supporting roles on television dramas and acclaimed features such as "North Country" (2005). He often returned to his theater roots; in fact, it was a Broadway appearance that introduced Stoll to cinematic auteur Allen, who invited him to read for a part in "Midnight in Paris." Landing the role of Hemingway put Stoll on the map, and set him up for a long and successful career as an actor of the stage and screen.