Daniel Rashid

Daniel Rashid was an American actor who broke out in early 2018 when he was cast on the MGM-produced science-fiction web series "Stargate Origins" (Stargate Command, 2018- ). Born and raised in Evanston, Illinois, Rashid was bursting with creativity as a child. He also loved performing, and did everything from singing in the school choir to drumming in a jazz ensemble band. It was also around this period in his teens that Rashid began acting in local plays. However, out of all of his creative outlets, Rashid enjoyed acting the most, and before long was focusing all of his attention on the craft. His love of acting eventually took him to the University of Southern California, where he began appearing in student short film and plays put on by the college. One of these USC student short films was called "Tomorrow" (2014), which screened in dozens of film festivals all over the world. Seeing as he was the star of "Tomorrow," the international exposure boded well for Rashid's fledgling acting career, and before long he nabbed a recurring role on a web series "Antidote 15" (2014-15), as well as a number of short films like "Gloves" (2017), "Cavities" (2016), and "Bodied" (2017). In 2017 Rashid nabbed his first network television role on the procedural drama "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" (CBS, 2016- ). Rashid's career was already on the upswing when, in late 2017, it was announced that he'd be joining the cast of the science-fiction adventure web series "Stargate Origins." The series, which was produced by MGM, was based on the original 1994 film "Stargate," which was directed by Roland Emmerich. "Stargate Origins" premiered on the Stargate Command website on February 15, 2018.