Dave England

Dave England has made a career of daring stunts (and disgusting bodily functions) as a member of the hit "Jackass" series of films and television. Born in Ventura, California, England began doing stunts as a professional snowboarder. Outside of snowboarding competitions and film spots, he also founded the snowboarding magazine "Skintight" and acted as editor for "Snowboarder Magazine" and "Blunt," the sister publication of the skateboarding magazine "Big Brother." It was through his connection to "Big Brother," and Jeff Tremaine, the editor, that England eventually became a member of "Jackass." When Tremaine was assembling a team to of daredevils for the series, he included actor Johnny Knoxville, skateboarder Chris Pontius, professional clown Steve-O and England himself, also a skateboarder in addition to a professional snowboarder. "Jackass" became a massive success on MTV, inspiring the feature film adaptation "Jackass: The Movie," which was similarly a hit at the box office. The stunts of England and his contemporaries proved so successful, they inspired a series of feature films, including sequels "Jackass Number Two" and "Jackass 3D," as well as the video documentaries "Jackass 2.5" and "Jackass 3.5." In 2008, England appeared with fellow MTV star Tom Green in the snowboarding-based comedy "Shred." The film follows former pro-snowboarders who want to take advantage of the sport's newfound popularity by starting a snowboard camp.