David Murgia

Actor Bruno Murgia has appeared in a handful of film and TV productions, the most notable of which is the Oscar-nominated Belgian crime drama "Bullhead." Murgia's first on-screen credit came in the 2009 biographical drama "Soeur Sourire," which portrayed Belgian nun Jeanine Deckers, who became a popular singing star in the 1960s known as "The Singing Nun." He had a much more significant role in the 2009 film "The Boat Race" (AKA "La Régate") about an adolescent boy who focuses on winning a rowing regatta as a means of escaping his troubled home life. Two years later, Murgia was part of the production that would achieve worldwide recognition. Director Michael R. Roksam's "Bullhead" received one of the coveted foreign-film nominations at the 2012 Oscar ceremonies, and although it lost out to the Iranian entry "A Separation," the accolade led to increased exposure for the film and Murgia, who had a supporting role. He also appeared in a pair of TV projects in 2011, the dramatic movie "Le temps du silence" and "Vermist," an action-filled drama that follows the exploits of the Belgian police detectives who track down missing persons for a living. In the episode he appears in Murgia portrays a man missing after a run-in with locals in a bar fight.