Diablo Cody

Diablo Cody's spectacular rise to the top of the pop culture stratosphere started in, of all places, the blogosphere. Cody, who became the hottest screenwriter on the planet after her debut feature, "Juno" (2007), opened to great acclaim and big box-office, started out modestly as an Internet blogger - if "modestly" is the appropriate word for an online diary chronicling Cody's adventures as a professional stripper. In the great tradition of Hollywood discovery stories - e.g. Lana Turner catapulting to fame from a fountain stool at Schwab's Drugstore in Hollywood - a literary manager "found" Cody while surfing the Internet. Intrigued by both the title and content of Cody's blog, "The Pussy Ranch," he e-mailed her, convinced her to write a memoir, sold the memoir, convinced her to write a screenplay, sold the screenplay, and in the eventual process, unleashed one of the most original voices that Hollywood had heard in years.