Dominic West

Hailing from the stage and screen of his native England, actor Dominic West made a name in the United States playing hard-drinking, anti-authoritarian homicide detective, Jimmy McNulty, on the gritty television crime drama, "The Wire" (HBO, 2002-08). Prior to that critically acclaimed role, West appeared in films like "Richard III" (1995), "Surviving Picasso" (1996) and "The Gambler" (1998). But it was his five years on "The Wire" that perhaps offered him the richest and most compelling performance of his career on a show numerous critics dubbed the greatest series in the history of television. Thanks to the critical adulation heaped upon "The Wire," West nabbed plum roles in higher-profile movies like "Mona Lisa Smile" (2003) and "The Forgotten" (2004). He had his first major co-starring role in the blockbuster adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel, "300" (2007), and continued along in that vein with "Punisher: War Zone" (2008), "Centurion" (2010) and the rebooted "Tomb Raider" (2018), along with tony British fare like the 1950s period piece "The Hour" (BBC 2011-12) and steamy American drama "The Affair" (Showtime 2014- ). Thanks to a ready charm and comedic flair mixed with serious acting chops, West was an extraordinary talent worthy of attention.