Dominique Besnehard

Dominique Besnehard was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Besnehard began his acting career in dramatic films like "La Drolesse" (1979), "Une Etrange Voyage" (1981) starring Jean Rochefort and the Sandrine Bonnaire film "A nos amours" (1984). He also appeared in "Paulette" (1985) with Jeanne Marine and Luis Rego. He continued to act in productions like "Summer on a Soft Slope" (1987), the Roland Giraud comedy "La Vie dissolue de Gerard Floque" (1987) and "La Barbare" (1989). He also appeared in the drama "Rien que des Mensonges" (1991) with Fanny Ardant. In the early 2000s, Besnehard lent his talents to projects like "Podium" (2004), "Days of Darkness" (2007) and "Mes Stars et moi" (2008) starring Kad Merad. His credits also expanded to "Musee haut, musee bas" with Michel Blanc (2008) and "Pleine Lune" (2008). Besnehard most recently produced the Nina Meurisse drama "Je suis un soldat" (2015).