Dominique Blanc

One of the most critically beloved and award-winning actresses in French cinema, Dominique Blanc has repeatedly shined in a long succession of dramatic roles. Some of her most famous work was done in frequent collaboration with directors Lucas Belvaux and Patrice Chéreau (who was her personal guide into the industry). Under Chéreau's direction, Blanc reveled in more romantic roles in films like "Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train" (an elegant and moody film about a group of people taking a train to their friend's final resting place) and "Queen Margot" (an adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' classic web of intrigue in the world of French nobility). Under Belvaux's direction, she starred as heroin addict Agnès Manise in his 2002 trilogy of "On the Run," "After the Life," and "An Amazing Couple" (which, like Krzysztof Kieslowski's "Three Colors Trilogy," can be viewed in any order). Blanc's Agnès was married to a police detective trying to track down a prison escapee while at the same time providing her with her next fix.