Dot Marie Jones

Dot Jones embodied the idea that talent came in all shapes and sizes. Prior to acting alongside A-list film and television stars, Jones dominated the world of competitive arm wrestling, winning numerous world titles and championships that earned her an impressive reputation in the sport. She entered the entertainment arena as a gladiator-type competitor on the syndicated game show "Knights and Warriors" (1992), but soon found herself with bit acting roles on several hit TV series. Jones often played imposing and intimidating characters that were based around her athletic figure and stature, yet she always delivered emotional and memorable performances. She further carved out a solid acting career with a breakout role on "Glee" (Fox, 2009-15) as a brutish-yet-endearing football coach. Her pitch-perfect casting on "Glee" showcased Jones' prowess outside of competitive arm wrestling and established her as an all-around character actor with the ability to engage audiences of all ages.