Ed Westwick

Ed Westwick was an accomplished television and film actor from London who became an overnight sensation worldwide as Chuck Bass, the fictional character he played in the hedonistic teen drama, "Gossip Girl" (The CW, 2007-13), based on the popular book series about wealthy teenagers who attend an elite private school in Manhattan. The actor's realistic portrayal of the preppy man-about-town gained him a multitude of fans and helped make the show one of the network's highest rated shows. As Chuck Bass, Westwick sported some of the most eccentric and unforgettable clothes on the show - think naughty schoolboy meets punk meets haughty Manhattan haute couture. Before "Gossip Girl," Westwick impressed critics with small but memorable roles in films such Alfonso Cuaron's post-apocalyptic epic, "Children of Men" (2006), and Anthony Minghella's romantic drama, "Breaking and Entering" (2006). Playing tough, emotionally complex characters with the raw emotion and conviction of a seasoned performer established Westwick as a major television and film star to be reckoned with.