Elisha Cuthbert

Canadian-born actress Elisha Cuthbert appeared to be the all-American blonde next door, an advantage that no doubt helped her land a supporting role on one of television's most successful action series early in her career. Having worked on several Canadian-produced programs, the 17-year-old Cuthbert relocated to Hollywood where she was cast as Kiefer Sutherland's rebellious daughter on the mega-hit series "24" (Fox, 2001-2010). Immensely popular from its first season, "24" helped position the actress as one of the new millennium's hottest young talents. Smaller turns in films like "Old School" (2003) and "Love Actually" (2003) soon paved the way for leading roles in such projects as the romantic comedy "The Girl Next Door" (2004) and the horror feature "House of Wax" (2005). Cuthbert's reduced involvement with "24" and theatrical failures like the controversial thriller "Captivity" (2007) somewhat diminished her star wattage, although a return to television on the comedy "Happy Endings" (ABC, 2011-13) kept the spotlight firmly on the actress. As she transitioned from a beautiful young ingénue to a more mature performer, Cuthbert continually sought out new challenges in both film and television.