Emma Corrin

British actress Emma Corrin rose from newcomer to star in the making when she was cast as Lady Diana Spencer on the Netflix historical drama "The Crown" (2016- ). Born in Royal Tunbridge Wells, a town in the English county of Kent, Corrin studied education, English and drama at Cambridge University while also dabbling in work as a model. She abandoned the latter career choice in 2016 after an unfortunate experience during London Fashion Week - a clothing designer told her that her calf muscles, which were more developed that other models due to her interest in running, were too big for runway work - and decided to focus on acting. After graduating from Cambridge in 2018, Corrin appeared in a handful of television projects and short films, which led to a recurring role on the Epix series "Pennyworth" (2019- ), about the life of soldier Alfred Pennyworth, who would later become the butler of DC Comics superhero Batman. Corrin also made her feature film debut in "Misbehaviour" (2020), playing a South African contestant in the 1970 Miss World competition. But her true breakout came when she was cast as Lady Diana Spencer in the fourth season of "The Crown." Her rise from relative unknown to a major and iconic role on a popular television series made Corrin the center of media attention in 2019, much of which focused on her newcomer status and physical similarities to Diana, which included the same eye color and height. Corrin was expected to make her debut on the series in its fourth season, which would cover her relationship with Prince Charles (Josh O'Connor) and the tenure of Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) as England's prime minister.