Emma Dumont

From a young age, Emma Dumont was performing. Whether it was the ballet at the age of 3 or modeling in her teens, she traveled long and far to train in various performing arts, going all the way to Russia to train in ballet. She was a jack of all trades through her early years, also dabbling in robotics, violin, and roller derby. Her first film role came about when she was 12 years old as she appeared in the Mark Duplass-starring comedy "True Adolescents" (2009). After a few other smaller projects, Dumont landed her first leading role as tomboyish dance student Melanie Segal on Amy Sherman-Palladino-created "Bunheads" (ABC Family 2012-13). After "Bunheads" ended, she bounced around a failed television pilot or two and appeared in "Inherent Vice" (2014). In 2015, she was a series regular on "Aquarius" (NBC 2015-2016). She also guested on episodes of "The Magicians" (Syfy 2015- ) and "Pretty Little Liars" (Freeform 2010-2017). It wasn't long before her next major role, though, as she was cast as X-Men character Polaris on the television show "The Gifted" (Fox 2017- ).