Ethan Suplee

An imposingly built actor who racked up numerous feature credits after making his acting debut with a 1994-1997 recurring role on ABC's "Boy Meets World," dark-haired, baby-faced actor Ethan Suplee allied himself with filmmaker Kevin Smith early on, becoming a cult fixture for his work in View Askew films while also proving his versatility in varied other features. The son of New York bohemians (Suplee was born not in a hospital but in their Greenwich Village home), Suplee moved with his parents to Los Angeles when he was a year old, spending his early childhood there and in Vermont. A friend of actor Giovanni Ribisi, Suplee was encouraged by the child star to try his hand at acting and enrolled in a class at fifteen. Two years later, he landed his first role, playing reluctant bully Frankie on "Boy Meets World." For four seasons the actor essayed the gentle giant with a recurring part on the popular sitcom.