Eugene Lipinski

British-born Canadian actor Eugene Lipinski has been a supporting player, often as strong-willed Russian or Eastern European officers or dignitaries, in numerous major films and TV series since the late-1970s. He first appeared on the big screen in "Hanover Street," a World War II romantic drama featuring Harrison Ford. He continued to find minor parts in such popular films as "Superman II," "Sophie's Choice," and "Octopussy," working steadily through the 1980s and relocating to Canada. He earned attention and a Gemini Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his part in the TV movie "Love and Hate: The Story of Colin and Joanne Thatcher," a fact-based film about spousal abuse and murder. For his one outing as a writer, he shared a prized Genie Award with collaborator Paul Quarrington for Best Original Screenplay for the 1991 comedy "Perfectly Normal," in which he also played a supporting role. In addition to his many guest spots on series, he landed recurring roles in the science-fiction saga "Animorphs" and the organized-crime drama "Intelligence." He has also appeared repeatedly on the J. J. Abrams' mind-bending series "Fringe" as one of the enigmatic "observers" overseeing a number of mysterious occurrences.