Euros Lyn

A director of British television since the late '90s, Euros Lyn is probably best known for his work in sci-fi. He directed episodes of "Doctor Who" from 2005 to 2010, including the critically acclaimed "Silence in the Library," in which the time-traveling main characters visit a 51st-century library and try to figure out why it has been abandoned. The episode was written by Steven Moffat, whom Lyn would later collaborate with on the crime drama "Sherlock," a modern take on the classic detective character. Their one episode together, 2010's "The Blind Banker," revolved around Chinese drug smuggling and a killer capable of scaling buildings--and definitely showed a tone more in keeping with the contemporary action genre than the classic Conan Doyle stories did. Around this time, Lyn also directed a "Doctor Who" television movie and helmed several installments of "Torchwood," a "Who" spin-off centered around a team of alien trackers. A native Welshman, he also directed episodes of the long-running drama "Belonging," about a family contending with the modernizing of their town in South Wales. His early credits include the Welsh cult comedy series "Pam Fi Duw?"; specifically the first series, which aired in 1997.