Eva Green

With an ethereal beauty and emotional complexity, French actress Eva Green made an international breakthrough with her very first film, "The Dreamers" (2003), a controversial erotic drama that propelled her from unknown to sought-after actress. One of the first Hollywood directors to take notice of her daring performance was Ridley Scott, who cast her in the leading female role for his historical epic "Kingdom of Heaven" (2005), though her scenes were substantially reduced in the editing room. From there, she played Bond villainess Vesper Lynd in "Casino Royale" (2006) and was the witch queen in "The Golden Compass" (2007). But instead of continuing to play major roles in studio blockbusters, Green left Hollywood for Europe, where she made several smaller foreign films like "Franklyn" (2008), "Cracks" (2009) and "Womb" (2010). Making her television debut, she was the ruthless and ambitious Morgan on the short-lived "Camelot" (Starz, 2011), which gave a revisionist spin on the Arthurian tale. Eventually, she co-starred in Tim Burton's feature adaptation of the cult 1960s series "Dark Shadows" (2012), which marked Green's return to the Hollywood fold. Whether in small indies or major studio films, Green was a star whose talent and allure were unmistakable from the start.