Frank Cassini

Frank Cassini was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. He additionally landed roles in the TV movies "Johnny's Girl" (ABC, 1994-95) and "The Ranger, the Cook, and a Hole in the Sky" (ABC, 1994-95). He worked in television in his early acting career as well, including parts on "The Commish" (1991-95) and "M.A.N.T.I.S." (Fox, 1994-95). Following that project, he worked on "Rubberman" (1996), "Masterminds" (1997) and the Lothaire Bluteau action movie "Dead Heat" (2002). He also worked in television around this time, including a part on "Millennium" (Fox, 1996-99). He also was featured in the TV movie "N.T.S.B.: The Crash of Flight 323" (ABC, 2003-04). He also appeared in the Malin Akerman blockbuster action picture "Watchmen" (2009). Most recently, Cassini acted on "Cult" (CW, 2012-13).