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Gene Stupnitsky

If Gene Stupnitsky worked in an actual office, he'd be the resident go-getter who gets on everyone else's nerves. Since he works for the TV series "The Office," adapted from the popular BBC sitcom created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, it's okay that he's held numerous positions on the critically acclaimed series, which stars Steve Carrell as Michael Scott, the socially inept boss of a suburban paper company. Stupnitsky joined "The Office" after graduating from the University of Iowa, and, along with writing partner Lee Eisenberg, has penned multiple episodes of the half-hour series, including "Michael's Birthday," about Scott's bitterness over a co-worker's health scare on his birthday, and "Scott's Tot's," directed by "Office" co-star B.J. Novak. In 2006 Stupinitsky and Eisenberg began recurring roles on the series as Leo and Gino, refrigeration repairmen who insert themselves into Dunder Mifflin's eccentric band of employees. Beginning in '07 Stupnitsky took on producing duties on "The Office," and has directed several episodes of both the primetime show and the webisode miniseries, "The Office: The Outburst." Stupnitsky and Eisenberg stepped out of the "Office" to co-write the '09 film "Year One," starring Michael Cera and Jack Black as two prehistoric foragers who embark on an epic quest that involves many Biblical characters.
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