Greg Kinnear

A television host-turned-actor with a flair for snarky satire, Greg Kinnear made the unusual leap from talking head to big screen stardom, earning an Oscar nomination for one of his first outings, James L. Brooks' "As Good as it Gets" (1997). Kinnear hosted entertainment segment shows before finding the perfect outlet for his sarcastic repartee on "Talk Soup" (E!, 1991-2002), a daily compilation of talk show highlights emphasizing the grotesque and bizarre, which, at one time, became the most popular program on the fledgling E! Entertainment network. The show's hip cache boosted Kinnear's profile and after a failed segue to late night talk shows, he began appearing on film in a familiar capacity as wisecracking, boyish supporters. Kinnear's romantic comedy output met with uneven reviews, but after an assortment of misfires, he took a turn towards higher caliber, character-driven films like "Auto Focus" (2002), "Little Miss Sunshine" (2007) and "Flash of Genius" (2008), while shining as John F. Kennedy in the controversial miniseries "The Kennedys" (Reelz Channel, 2011) - all meatier, dramatic roles where the deceptively complex actor found steadier critical success.