Gus Kenworthy

Olympic skier Augustus Richard "Gus" Kenworthy has been skiing since shortly after he was able to walk. Born Oct. 1, 1991, in the United Kingdom, Kenworthy was the youngest son of Peter and Pip Kenworthy. The family moved to Telluride, Colo., in 1993. He graduated from Telluride High School in June 2010, a year late because he decided to take a year off from school to ski. Kenworthy first found success in the sport in 2011, when he won the first of three straight overall titles at the AFP World Championships. He won his first X Games medal in 2013, earning a bronze in the slopestyle competition. The next year, he competed in his first Winter Olympics, finishing in second place in the men's slopestyle event in freestyle skiing, giving him a silver medal in his only event at Sochi. Kenworthy gained attention in the wake of the 2014 Games, staying in Sochi for more than a month to save a family of stray dogs while he fought to bring them back to the States with him. He continued to compete at the X Games and FIS World Cups in the subsequent years. He made headlines in 2015 when he came out as gay in an interview with ESPN, saying he chose that public forum because he "wanted to do it in [his] own words and once and for all - and hopefully help kids that are in the same position" that he was; Kenworthy was credited as being the first openly gay action sports star. In 2017 he qualified to compete in his second Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, in February 2018.