Harald Kloser

Harald Kloser was most commonly known for his impressive musical talents. Kloser began his entertainment career with his music featured in films like the drama "Sternberg-Shooting Star" (1988) with Jean-Pierre Cornu, the Jutta Hoffman drama "Ach, Boris" (1990) and the dramatic adaptation "Butterbrot" (1990) with Gabriel Barylli. His music also appeared in "Requiem Fur Dominic" (1991) with Felix Mitterer, the animated adventure "The Magic Voyage" (1992) with Irene Cara and "Quiet Days in Hollywood" (1995) with Peter Dobson. In the nineties, Kloser's music continued to appear on the silver screen, including in films like the drama "The Small Hours" (1997) with Derek Dunsay, "The Break" (1998) with Stephen Rea and the dramatic comedy "The Venice Project" (1999) with Lauren Bacall. His work was also in "After the Truth" (1999). Kloser's music was also featured in the Dennis Quaid box office smash sci-fi picture "The Day After Tomorrow" (2004), "Alien vs. Predator" (2004) and the Heino Ferch action flick "The Tunnel" (2005). His music was also featured in the Steven Strait adventurous drama "10,000 B.C." (2008). Kloser's music was most recently featured in the period drama "Stonewall" (2015) with Jeremy Irvine.