Hayes MacArthur

A successful stand-up comic who has transitioned into an in-demand character actor, Hayes MacArthur is a familiar presence to North American comedy fans of the early 2000s. Hayes' career as a performer was all but predestined: his parents named him after legendary American stage actress Helen Hayes. Following several years' worth of stand-up performing and theater roles while attending college, MacArthur moved to Los Angeles after graduation and began studying with the legendary improvisational comedy troupe The Groundlings. In 2005, MacArthur made his small-screen debut in the made for television film "Wiener Park." Guest appearances on popular shows like the situation comedy "The King of Queens" and the supernatural drama "Medium" followed. In 2007, MacArthur made his feature film debut, third-billed in the caveman comedy "Homo Erectus" (also known as "National Lampoon's Stoned Age"); the film did little at the box office, but it was important to MacArthur personally because in 2009, he married his co-star, "Heroes" actress Ali Larter. In 2008, MacArthur scored his first recurring TV part as a co-star on the situation comedy "Worst Week," an unsuccessful US adaptation of the UK TV hit "The Worst Week of My Life." He quickly followed that with a co-starring role in the relationship sitcom "Perfect Couples," which unfortunately was canceled midway through its first season.