Heather Mitchell

Heather Mitchell was an actress who had a successful Hollywood career. Mitchell began her acting career with roles in such films as the drama "I Can't Get Started" (1985) with John Waters, the comedy "Malcolm" (1986) with Colin Friels and "The Place at the Coast" (1987). She also appeared in the drama "The Everlasting Secret Family" (1989) with Arthur Dignam and the Hugo Weaving comedic drama "Proof" (1992). Her film career continued throughout the nineties in productions like the Toni Collette comedy "Muriel's Wedding" (1995), the Judy Davis dramatic comedy "Children of the Revolution" (1997) and the comedy "Thank God He Met Lizzie" (1998) with Richard Roxburgh. Film continued to be her passion as she played roles in "Black and White" (2004) with Robert Carlyle, "Romulus, My Father" (2008) and the action film "Rogue" (2008) with Radha Mitchell. She also appeared in the Ryan Kwanten dramedy "Griff the Invisible" (2011). Mitchell most recently acted in the Leonardo DiCaprio hit dramatic adaptation "The Great Gatsby" (2013).