Ian Chen

Actor Ian Chen found fame at an early age when he was cast as the youngest son in the culture-clash family sitcom "Fresh Off the Boat" (ABC, 2015-). Born in Los Angeles in 2006 to Taiwanese parents, Chen began his career at the tender age of five, booking various TV and print commercials, before landing his first acting role in an episode of award-winning sitcom "Modern Family" (ABC, 2009-), where he played one of Lily's friends at Larry the cat's funeral. A year later, Chen guested as Luca Petersen, a young boy whose father died after falling from a rooftop, in medical procedural "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC, 2005-). Chen's big break arrived in 2015 when he was cast as goody two shoes Evan Huang, the youngest son of Randall Park and Constance Wu's characters, in the first Asian-American sitcom to air on network prime time since Margaret Cho's "All American Girl" (ABC, 1994-95) 20 years previously, "Fresh Off the Boat" (ABC, 2015-).