Irving Bacon

Irving Bacon was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Bacon's early acting career consisted of roles in various films, such as "California Or Bust" (1927), "The Goodbye Kiss" (1928) and "The Saturday Night Kid" (1929). He also appeared in the William Powell drama "Street of Chance" (1930), "Branded Men" (1931) and "Alias the Bad Man" (1931). His passion for acting continued to his roles in projects like "Lucky Night" (1939), "Tail Spin" (1939) and "Torchy Runs For Mayor" (1939). He also appeared in "Blondie Takes a Vacation" (1939) with Penny Singleton. In the latter part of his career, he continued to act in the Roy Rogers musical "King of the Cowboys" (1943), the western "In Old Oklahoma" (1943) with John Wayne and the Randolph Scott western "The Desperadoes" (1943). He also appeared in the James Cagney dramedy "Johnny Come Lately" (1943) and the mystery "Shadow of a Doubt" (1943) with Teresa Wright. Bacon last acted in the Joel McCrea western "Fort Massacre" (1958). Bacon passed away in February 1965 at the age of 72.