Isabelle Fuhrman

A precociously talented young actress, Isabelle Fuhrman never shied away from dark material, making her film debut in the Dakota Fanning rural South drama "Hounddog" (2007). She earned excellent reviews for the horror flick "Orphan" (2009), in which she starred as the titular eerie adoptee. Holding her own against Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard in the film, Fuhrman displayed an impressive range and presence that set her apart from many of her peers. After starring in the indie comedy "Salvation Boulevard" (2011), Fuhrman landed the meaty supporting role of Clove, a merciless competitor out for the blood of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) in "The Hunger Games" (2012), based on the popular trilogy by Suzanne Collins and tapped to become the world's next big film franchise. Wise beyond her years and drawn to challenging roles, Isabelle Fuhrman left no doubt with many fans and critics that she was destined for a fascinating career.