Jack Fisk

After visually creating the rural and empty beauty of Terence Malick's "Badlands" (1973) and "Days of Heaven" (1978), the futuristic rock environment of Brian DePalma's fable, "The Phantom of the Paradise" (1974), the heightened teen world of DePalma's apocalyptic "Carrie" (1976) and the stylized production design of "Movie, Movie" (1976), Fisk turned to directing. His two initial efforts starred his wife, Sissy Spacek: the rural, World War II period drama "Raggedy Man" (1981) and the contemporary romance "Violets Are Blue" (1986). Fisk's last feature as a director to date was the comic misfire "Daddy's Dyin' . . . Who's Got the Will?" (1990) which marked the screen debut of his and Spacek's daughter Schulyer Fisk.