Jack Reynor

A gifted young Irish actor, Jack Reynor rose from acclaimed work in independent films to starring in huge blockbusters. He made his screen debut playing an altar boy in Kevin Liddy's "Country" (2000), a drama exploring the secrets and lives of an Irish family. His professional momentum increased with larger roles in the made-for-TV movies "Three Wise Women" (STV, 2010) and "Chasing Leprechauns" (Hallmark Channel, 2012) as well as in Kirsten Sheridan's challenging, largely improvised "Dollhouse" (2012). Reynor's breakthrough came with "What Richard Did" (2012), where he played the titular "golden boy" teen who makes a fatal error one night and must grapple with his conscience as well as with potentially life-ruining consequences. Reynor's ability to portray the complex emotions of a character pushed to his limits, both with and, more impressively, without dialogue, dazzled critics. The rising young actor earned a massive international profile boost, however, when it was announced he was cast in the fourth installment of Michael Bay's global blockbuster franchise, "Transformers" (2007, 2009, 2011). The casting news boosted Reynor's profile overnight, elevating him to leading man status on an international scale.