Jack Thorne

Writer Jack Thorne made a career juggling media both classic and modern, working in radio and theater as well as television and cinema. By the age of 30, he had begun writing for "Skins" (E4 2007-2013), the first in a string of major British television series for which Thorne would play recurring author. He'd spend the bulk of the years to follow writing for British and American TV, plays for the stage and radio, and would inevitably come to scripting feature films. Jack Thorne was born on December 6, 1978, in Bristol, England. Thorne would pioneer a writing career at age 27, releasing his first stage play at the Bush Theatre: "When You Cure Me" (2005). Starting in his earliest years of professional writing, Thorne would jump from theater to short films-including the comedy "The Mascot" (2005) and the drama "A Supermarket Love Song" (2006)-to radio and television, making his small screen debut with an episode of the British dramedy "Shameless" (Channel 4 2004-2013). Thorne's biggest early break came in 2007, when he landed a recurring gig writing for the popular teen drama "Skins" (E4 2007-2013). Next, Thorne wrote his first full length feature film, "The Scouting Book for Boys" (2009), which earned play at the 2009 London Film Festival. Television would monopolize most of Thorne's time for the next few years, offering him a handful of episodes on each of the following series: "Cast Offs" (Channel 4 2009-), "This Is England '86" (Channel 4 2010), and the supernatural drama "The Fades" (BBC Three 2011), for which Thorne earned two BAFTA Awards. Ultimately, however, Thorne would find his way back to features, writing two films in a row: "A Long Way Down" (2014), an adaptation of Nick Hornby's seriocomic 2005 novel, and the political drama "War Book" (2014), for which he reunited with "The Scouting Book for Boys" director Tom Harper. The latter film premiered at the 2014 London Film Festival. In the same year, he created his own TV series, "Glue" (E4 2014-), a teen drama and mystery that he wrote and produced alongside Jamie Campbell. Additionally, Thorne was hired to handle the script for the DC Comics feature "Sandman."