James Cosmo

When you want an imposing, tough guy figure in your movie, James Cosmo is one of the leading go-to actors. He is beloved by Scottish audiences for his work in front of the camera but also for his tireless job promoting the country as a viable location for motion pictures and television programs. On-screen, he is best known internationally as the never-say-die warrior Campbell from Mel Gibson's thunderous historical epic "Braveheart"and for playing Angus MacLeod in the sci-fi/fantasy movie "Highlander" from 1986. Although his gruff masculinity serves him well in bold, larger-than-life period pictures like the above titles and others like "Troy" and "The Last Legion," he's also appeared in plenty of contemporary films, including his role as Ewan McGregor's father in Danny Boyle's cult classic "Trainspotting," in another role as an oil-rig worker in the television series "Roughnecks," and a part as a thug in the comedy "Once Upon a Time in the Midlands," to name just a few. Many United States television viewers may recognize the actor for his role on the cable show "Sons of Anarchy" and for his performance as Jeor Mormont on the HBO high fantasy series "Game of Thrones." Younger viewers may know him best as Father Christmas in the big screen adaptation of "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."