James Hawes

Like many British entertainment figures, James Hawes can thank William Shakespeare for his start in the business. In his formative years, the director helmed plays for the Young Shakespeare Company, which toured actively and extensively in both the U.K. and the United States It was a short leap from stage to screen, and Hawes followed his theater work by directing TV documentaries. He also delved into fictional entertainment, directing episodes of two durable domestic shows, police drama "The Bill" (1998) and medical procedural "Holby City" (1999). When the classic science fiction TV series "Doctor Who" re-launched after a long break in 2005, Hawes got the nod to direct five episodes, earning a Hugo Award for one. In the world of U.K. TV, if you've worked with The Doctor you're qualified for basically anything, so Hawes didn't suffer a dearth of work after the experience. He took the reins three times for the fantasy series "Merlin" (2008), as well as a TV movie remake of the classic espionage story "The 39 Steps" that same year. Hawes has continued to keep busy with directing jobs, but he has also devoted time to Directors U.K., the British directors union, for which he has served as a board member.