James Tupper

Originally from north of the border in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, actor James Tupper was a veteran of at least 50 small theater productions before he finally caught his big break as the hunky Jack Slattery, a quiet fish and wildlife biologist with a history of bad romantic relationships on ABC's "Men in Trees" (2006-08). The quirky drama starred Anne Heche as Marin Frist, a relationship expert who finds herself stranded in Alaska and surrounded by large quantities of men following a breakup with her unfaithful fiancé. A graduate of Prince Andrew High School, Tupper studied acting at Concordia University in Montreal and Rutgers University in New York. As he racked up a resume doing theater, he began appearing onscreen with bit parts in features like "Joe Dirt" (2001) and "Corky Romano" (2001). After a couple of guest spots on "Gilmore Girls" (WB, 2000-07), "CSI: New York" (CBS, 2004-13) and "How I Met Your Mother" (CBS, 2005-14), Tupper had a more significant co-starring role in the indie drama, "Loudmouth Soup" (2005). Then in the indie thriller "Invisible" (2006), which received limited release in New York, he was a husband in the midst of divorcing his wife (Kit Pongetti). But a trip to the countryside blossoms into rediscovered love, only to be threatened by two men (David Mogentale and Joe Mellis) seeking to reveal the true dynamic of the couple's relationship.