Jane Adams

Jane Adams began her career on the New York stage, where she won a Tony Award before going on to carve out a career as a well-known independent film player and occasional character actress in mainstream Hollywood fare. Her waifish appearance led to her casting as wilting flowers and neurotic artistic types in the films "Songcatcher" (2000), "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (2004) and "The Anniversary Party" (2001), while her leading role on the HBO series "Hung" (HBO, 2009-11) and her run on the sitcom "Frasier" (NBC, 1993-2004) showcased her way with independent-minded "smart chicks." Throughout her career, Adams maintained an alignment with critically acclaimed filmmakers from Michel Gondry to Robert Altman to Neil Jordan, and continually offered high caliber performances that nicely balanced emotional depth with a relatable immediacy.