Janine Theriault

Janine Theriault was a Canadian film and TV actress who appeared in dozens of roles, including 1997's "Affliction" and the 2017 mystery series "Bellevue" (CBC Television, 2017- ), throughout her twenty-plus year career as a professional actress. Born and raised in the small fishing town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Theriault always had a desire to perform. She dreamt of one day making it big in Hollywood, but realized that in order for her dream to become a reality, she'd have to move to the United States. Thus, when she came of age, Theriault packed her bags and moved to Massachusetts to attend a highly regarded performing arts school. She studied dance and singing while attending the school, and soon enough had branched out into acting. By the mid-90s Theriault was booking film and TV roles. She nabbed a recurring role on the Canadian mini-series "Cher Olivier" (TVA, 1997), and also appeared in the critically acclaimed films "2 Seconds" (1998) and "Affliction" (1997), the latter of which won an Oscar. By the time the 2000s rolled around, Theriault was dividing her time between the stage and television/movies. She received widespread praise for her stage acting work during the decade, while also building her TV credentials with recurring roles on "A Nero Wolfe Mystery" (A&E, 2001-02) and "MVP" (CBC Television, 2008). Theriault continued working steadily in both films and television throughout the 2010s, appearing in acclaimed dramas like "Upside Down" (2012) and "Born to Be Blue" (2015), as well as TV shows like "Being Human" (Syfy, 2011-14). Then in early 2017 Theriault joined the cast of the Canadian crime series "Bellevue." The show began airing on Canada's CBC Television in February of 2017, with Theriault starring in the ensemble cast. In early 2018 "Bellevue" began airing in the United States on WGN America.