Jared Leto

Actor and musician Jared Leto got his start in the beloved but ill-fated TV series "My So-Called Life" (ABC, 1994-95), but along with his co-star Claire Danes quickly transitioned to feature films. He earned a solid acting reputation with supporting roles in frequently off-beat films and grew into a lead actor known for his daring choices. For several years he alternated between the life of an actor -- immersing himself in roles to the point that his in-character behavior as The Joker during the filming of "Suicide Squad" (2016) reportedly alarmed and upset his castmates -- and the life of a rock star, touring and recording with his successful emo band, 30 Seconds to Mars. Equally captivating was his celebrated love life, which, to the delight of tabloid readers, included an array of Hollywood beauties, including Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan and Scarlett Johansson. But it was his increasingly confident work as an actor, culminating in his Best Supporting Actor Oscar win as a transgender prostitute in "Dallas Buyers Club" (2013), that made him one of his generation's most interesting movie stars.