Jason Beghe

Jason Beghe established a prolific repertoire in film and television beginning in the mid-1980s. His name wasn't regarded as synonymous with one series or character, yet he worked on some of the most recognizable shows of his era, from the science fiction favorite "Quantum Leap" (NBC 1989-1993) to the hospital drama "Chicago Hope" (CBS 1994-2000) and the procedural drama "Chicago Fire" (NBC 2012- ), from which he moved to his first major leading role as one of the stars of "Chicago P.D." (NBC 2014- ). His film work included the feminist hit "Thelma & Louise" (1991), Demi Moore military drama "GI Jane" (1997), and superhero hit "X-Men: First Class" (2011). Born in 1960 in New York City and privately educated at the city's Collegiate School, Beghe was friends in his youth with both the late John F. Kennedy Jr. and the future actor David Duchovny. It was Beghe who convinced the aspiring academic Duchovny to enter acting as a profession; he subsequently appeared in high-profile projects starring his old friend, including small roles in both the cult favorite "The X-Files" (Fox 1993-2002) and Duchovny's next major project "Californication" (Showtime 2007-2014). He was also best man at Duchovny's wedding to actress Tea Leoni. After co-starring on Dick Wolf's "Chicago Fire" (NBC 2012- ) as police sergeant Frank Voight, Beghe starred in the spinoff "Chicago P.D." (NBC 2014- ) as the same character. He also played the role in several episodes of another Wolf series, "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" (NBC 1999- ), as well as "Chicago Med" (NBC 2015- ) and the short-lived "Chicago Justice" (NBC 2017). In late 2017, Beghe faced allegations of anger management issues that shaded into sexual harassment on the set of "Chicago P.D." Beghe publicly apologized for his behavior, which had been rumored to be the reason several female co-stars had left the series, but he was not removed from the show.