Jeff Goldblum

Despite having starred in some of the biggest blockbuster films of all time, actor Jeff Goldblum often opted to portray offbeat characters in limited release indies. After breaking in as a drug-addled thug in "Death Wish" (1974), Goldblum spent several years looking for that one breakthrough role that would propel his career to the next level. That role came when he played a seedy magazine journalist who reconnects with his college friends during a funeral in "The Big Chill" (1983). But his biggest moment arrived with a star-making leading role in "The Fly" (1986), which earned him widespread critical plaudits. Though he spent the next several years in some rather forgettable features, Goldblum reached new heights as an unorthodox scientist in the hit action film "Jurassic Park" (1993). Three years later, he starred in one of the biggest box office draws of all time, "Independence Day" (1996), which solidified his status as one of Hollywood's top stars. While he maintained a prolific output of film and television over the next two decades, Goldblum took a step back to concentrate on lower-profile independents like "Igby Goes Down" (2002) - not at all unusual for the iconoclastic performer.