Jeff Tremaine

One of the key figures behind the wildly successful "Jackass" franchise, Jeff Tremaine served as co-creator for the outrageous stunt/prank series (MTV, 2000-02) before directing all three of its top-grossing feature films. Tremaine was at the epicenter of "Jackass" prior to its launch as a series, working as the art and editorial director for the uproarious Big Brother magazine, which also counted head Jackass Johnny Knoxville and several other team members as staffers and contributors. Tremaine and longtime friend Spike Jonze helped to package the antics of Knoxville and friends for MTV, which launched the show to near-universal acclaim and outrage. While shepherding "Jackass" from series to feature, he oversaw a number of similar satellite shows, including "Wildboyz" (MTV, 2003-06), as well as several well-regarded documentaries on extreme sports figures and cult icons like Mat Hoffman and Jesco White. The record-breaking release of "Jackass 3D" (2010) solidified Tremaine's position as a major figure in alternative entertainment, and one of its most unbridled imaginations.