Jennifer Lafleur

Jennifer Lafleur was an accomplished actress, noted for her comedic timing in her roles for television shows. At the start of her acting career, Lafleur appeared on television comedies like "Childrens Hospital" (Cartoon Network, 2009-) and "Workaholics" (Comedy Central, 2010-17). She also acted in various film roles at the time, appearing in the Jason Segel comedy "Jeff Who Lives At Home" (2012) and the Mark Kelly comedy "The Do-Deca Pentathlon" (2012). She continued to work steadily in sitcoms throughout the 2010s, appearing on "Married" (FX, 2013-15) and "Review with Forrest MacNeil" (Comedy Central, 2013-15). She also appeared in the comedy "The Pretty One" (2014) with Zoe Kazan. during these years Lafleur focused on film in more recent years, appearing in the Taissa Farmiga drama "6 Years" (2015) and "The Midnight Swim" (2015). She also worked in television during these years, including a part on "Billions" (Showtime, 2015-). She also lent her distinctive voice to "Animals." (HBO, 2015-). Lafleur most recently acted in "Lamb" (2016) with Ross Partridge.