Jérémie Renier

Actor Jérémie Renier, best known for his work in French and Belgian cinema, made his film debut at age 11 in the little-known Belgian comedy "Les sept péchés capitaux." Shortly after this inauspicious start, Renier landed the lead in the French/Belgian co-production "La Promesse," a drama by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardennes that centered on a father-son con man team. This performance led to a string of film roles for the young actor. In 2001, Renier earned international notice with his supporting role in the inventive horror movie "Brotherhood of the Wolf," which was set in the midst of the French Revolution and explored the legendary Beast of Gévaudan, a man-eating wolf once thought to have terrorized that French province. Renier became a noteworthy leading man when he was cast by the Dardenne brothers in the role of the tragically pragmatic Bruno in "L'Enfant," the dark tale of two young criminals who sell their baby on the black market. The film snagged four César nominations in France and cemented Renier's reputation internationally. Soon he was appearing in English-language films like the Oscar-winning war drama "Atonement" and the quirky Martin McDonagh crime dramedy "In Bruges." A true star of European cinema, Renier has worked throughout the European film industry, pushing the boundaries with his performances. In 2010, he starred in the comedy "Potiche " alongside Gérard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve, and the following year reteamed with the Dardennes again on "The Kid with a Bike."