Jeremy Thomas

Jeremy Thomas served a brief stint as an editor before producing his first film, Phillipe Mora's "Mad Dog Morgan," in 1976. He has since worked with directors including Jerzy Skolimowski ("The Shout" 1978), Nicolas Roeg ("Bad Timing" 1980; and "Eureka" 1983), and Stephen Frears ("The Hit" 1984). Thomas gained his widest acclaim for producing Bernardo Bertolucci's epic, Oscar-winning "The Last Emperor" (1987). He went on to serve as a producer on three more films with the Italian director: "The Sheltering Sky" (1990); "Little Buddha" (1993) and "Stealing Beauty" (1996). Thomas also had critical, if not commercial, successes with David Cronenberg's "Naked Lunch" and Peter Medak's "Let Him Have it" (both 1991).